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2015年CFA各科目题目赏析;距离12月5日CFA考试越来越近,大家复习怎么样呢?金程CFA小编特整理各科目CFA一级试题,大家“热身”起来!阅读本文 ,更多CFA资料等你下载。

       距离12月5日CFA考试越来越近,大家复习怎么样呢?金程CFA小编特整理各科目CFA一级试题,大家“热身”起来!阅读本文 ,更多CFA考试资料等你下载。

       CFA一级 经济学

       Markets for produced goods that are primarily sold to customersare best described as:

       A.  capital markets.

       B.  intermediate goods markets.

       C.  services and finished markets.


       Markets for produced goods such as cars, clothing, and liquor thatare sold primarily to customers are considered as finished and servicesmarkets.

       CFA一级 固定收益

       Which of the following statement about bond';s indenture is mostcorrect?

       A.   It containsits covenants.

       B.   It is thesame as a debenture.

       C.   It relatesonly to its interest and principal payments.

       Solution: A

       Anindenture is the contract between the company and its bondholders and containsthe bond';s covenants.

       CFA一级 企业理财

       With regard to the most appropriatetreatment of cash flows in capital budgeting,which of the following is correct?

       A. A project is evaluated using its incrementalcash flows on an after-tax basis.

       B. Interest costs are included in theproject';s cash flows to reflect financing costs.

       C. Sunk costs and externalities should notbe included in the cash flow estimates.

       Solution: A

       CFA一级 职业伦理

       Dacy Chen, CFA, is an independent financial advisor for a high networth client. He had not contacted with the customer in over two years. Duringa recent brief telephone conversation, the client stated he wanted to increasehis risk exposure. Dacy subsequently recommended and invested in severalhigh-risk funds on behalf of the client. Dacy continued, as he had done in thepast, to send to his client monthly, detailed itemized investment statements.Did Dacy most likely violate any CFAStandards?

       A.   No.

       B.   Yes, with regard to purchasing venture capital funds.

       C.   Yes, with regard to investment statements.

       Solution: B

       Dacy violatedStandard III (A) in not exercising Loyalty, Prudence and Care. Bravoria had notupdated his client’s profile in over two years thus should not have madefurther investments, particularly in high risk investments until such time ashe updated the client’s risk and return objectives, financial constraints andfinancial position. Dacy provided his client with investment statements morefrequently than that which is required; i.e. quarterly so was not in violationof regular account information.

       CFA一级 数量分析

       For a credit card, it charges 15% compounded monthly. Its effective annual rate is closet to:

       A. 15.78%.

       B. 18.85%.

       C. 16.08%.

       Solution: C

       CFA一级 组合管理

       Which of the following is the advantage of diversification compared to investing in a single security?

       A. It decreases the volatility of returns.

       B. It increases the probability of high returns.

       C. It increases the expected rate of return.

       Solution: A

       CFA一级 衍生品

       Which of the following statements describe the exchange-traded derivatives is the most accurate?

       A. They are illiquid.

       B. They are standardized contracts.

       C. They have significant default risk.

       Solution: B

       CFA一级 其他投资

       Please choose a strategy that could exploit pricing discrepancies between assets of issuing companies?

       A. Event-driven strategies.

       B. Macro strategies.

       C. Relative value strategies.

       Solution:  C

       CFA一级 财务报表

       Cameron and Caspar formed a new company with an investment of $100,000 on July 1 2014. The most likely effect of this transaction on the company';s accounting equation at the time of the formation is an increase in cash and:

       A. an increase in revenue.

       B. an increase in liabilities.

       C. an increase in contributed capital.


       CFA一级 权益

       A country whose financial markets are in an early stage of development. Consider preparation a list of the objectives of market regulation. Which of the following is least likely to be included in this list of objectives?

       A. Minimize agency problems in the corporate.

       B. Ensure that financial markets are fair and orderly.

       C. Ensure that investors in the stock market achieve a rate of return that is at least equal to the risk-free rate of return.

       Solution: C 












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