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June 2015 CFA Candidate Survey

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June 2015 CFA Candidate Survey;CFA候选人调查,主要涉及Candidate Survey Profile、Exam Preparation、Curriculum and Exam Value和Charter Value, Program Awareness, and Career Relevance。

June 2015 CFA Candidate Survey

Each year, we survey CFA Program candidates before and after the June exam to measure and improve the CFA candidate experience. The surveys ask for feedback across several areas, including exam preparation, charter value, exam day feedback, and employment outlook.

Candidate Survey Profile

The June 2015 CFA candidates represent a diverse, global community of current and aspiring investment management professionals, ranging in age from 21 to 65, from more than 141 international markets. 75% report they have full- or part-time employment — with 48% currently planning to change their job function.


Top job functions of employed candidates

Top job functions of employed candidates

8%   Portfolio/fund management
7%   Research and analysis, buy-side
7%   Risk management
7%   Consulting services
6%   Corporate finance
6%   Accounting

Exam Preparation

Average amount of time preparing for the exam

Candidates spend an average 308 hours preparing for the exam across all three levels, with most using the CFA Program curriculum (78%), the mock exam (72%), and non-CFA Institute exam prep materials (61%) to guide their studies.


Candidates use these resources to prepare

78%   CFA Institute curriculum
72%   CFA Institute mock exam
61%   Non-CFA Institute preparatory materials
51%   CFA Program curriculum end-of-reading problems
50%   CFA Institute topic-based practice tests
16%   New CFA Program mobile study app
11%   CFA Institute interactive study planner
5%   Local study groups


Curriculum and Exam Value

Overall, candidates are highly satisfied with the quality of the exam and exam administration experience, with 98% agreeing that the CFA Program curriculum improved their understanding of important topics and 97% reporting the end of reading problems helped explain the concepts.

Candidates report that exam questions

93%   Are based on the Learning Outcome Statements
91%   Fairly represent the 2015 curriculum
89%   Cover subject matter important to investment professionals
74%   Are clearly written
64%   Are as difficult as they had expected

Charter Value, Program Awareness, and Career Relevance

Candidates rate the value of earning the charter very high: 8.9 out of 10. In terms of CFA Program recognition, 90% of candidates report their employer is aware of the CFA Program. Career advancement remains the primary motivation for registering for the exam and 86% said they are likely to recommend the CFA Program to someone else.




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