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CFA 奖学金申请 Statement 范文

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整理资料时候突然发现以前写的 CFA 奖学金的申请信,上传上来给大家做参考,这个奖学金真的很划算啊,LZ三级一共才花了1w多RMB,其中还包括正版书。奖学金每年12月Deadline。

整理资料时候突然发现以前写的 CFA 奖学金的申请信,上传上来给大家做参考,这个奖学金真的很划算啊,LZ三级一共才花了1w多RMB,其中还包括正版书。奖学金每年12月Deadline。

I’d like to earn the CFA charter because the CFA program could benefit me a lot during my whole career. After the learning of the CFA level I and level II course, I deeply realized the importance of the CFA program in my academic and professional career, because almost every detail discussed in the program could help me understand the market better and encourage me to immerse deeper into the financial world.
As a student upon graduation, my career goal is to find a financial analyst job in an investing bank such as Barclays Capital in New York. Learning the CFA course could make me distinguish from others since the knowledge discussed is so comprehensive that almost each corner of the financial area is covered. The discussion about the Financial Statement and Equity Valuation, especially, impressed me most because the hands-on knowledge benefited me immediately in the class project of the home builder company valuation. The learning of the latest knowledge and technique, such as the derivatives and alternative investments, also could make me follow the trend of the changeable financial market.
Additionally, the CFA charter also benefits me in my final career. My ultimate goal is to become a hedge fund manager to manage my clients’ fund after I finish my MBA program in my early thirties. To fulfill my career goal, I have to establish my client base and a qualification is extremely important to prove that I have the eligibility and insight to understand the market trends and the financial world. It is also a proof to win my clients’ trust because as a CFA charter holder, I have to comply with the ethics standards of CFA Institute.
I apply for the scholarship because it will raise my passion not only to pass the exam, but also to really learn something essential to my career. Take my CFA level II exam as an example, I took more than 750 hours in preparation for the exam and I got 70% correct answers in eight out of ten sections. I took so much time in preparation because I knew the CFA program is where I could learn about how the financial market really looks like, and understand what skills a finance practitioner must have. And the scholarship is the original source of my passion to reflect the true respect of the CFA program.
Now I sincerely hope the scholarship in the Level III exam will nudge me go further to learn more and get more achievements in my career.


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