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  1Financial Reporting and Analysis部分

  1.1SS7 R23. FINANCIAL REPORTING MECHANICS新增考点a describe how business activities are classified for financial reporting purposes;1.2SS7 R29 新增考点 d, e, f, h, j, k; SS7 R30 新增考点c, k, m, o, p.

  2Portfolio Management部分

  2.1SS12 新增整个章节R 42. RISK MANAGEMENT: AN INTRODUCTION2.2SS15 R 55. INTRODUCTION TO ASSET-BACKED SECURITIES 新增考点c & f. 新增知识点e including mortgage pass-through securities and collateralized mortgage obligations3Fixed Income部分SS16 R 57 FUNDAMENTALS OF CREDIT ANALYSIS新增考点b describe default probability and loss severity as components of credit risk;4Alternative Investments部分SS18 R 61 INTRODUCTION TO ALTERNATIVE INVESTMENTS考点d &f都添加了describe infrastructure


  1Equity Analysis and Valuation部分SS14 R 50 INTRODUCTION TO INDUSTRY AND COMPANY ANALYSIS删除内容: 考点h删掉了一小点:describe product model.

  2Fixed Income部分

  2.1SS15 R55 删除内容:考点b删除了the legal structures involved; 原考点e explain the motivation for creating securitized structures with multiple tranches(e.g., collateralized mortgage obligations), and the characteristics and risks of securitized structures.整个删除2.2SS16 R56 FIXED INCOME ANALYSIS OF RISK删除内容:考点e删除了embedded options2.3SS16 R57 FUNDAMENTALS OF CREDIT ANALYSIS删除内容:考点i calculate the return impact of spread changes


  1Financial Reporting and Analysis部分

  1.1SS8 R25 修改内容:changes in accounting standards 改成了changes in accounting policies1.2SS9 R29原考纲的考点c&d合并为16年新考纲的c, 原考纲的g改为16年新考纲的I, f改成g, 原考纲的考点h calculate and interpret ratios used to evaluate inventory management修改成了l analyze and compare the financial statements of companies, including companies原考点a-h,现为a-i,各项均有改动;1.3SS9 R30 LONG-LIVED ASSETS原考纲的知识点c、d、e、f、g改变了题号,改成了新考纲的d、e、f、g、h;1.4SS9 R31 INCOME TAX 修改内容:知识点h将compare a company’s deferred tax items改成了explain recognition and measurement of current and deferred tax items;2Equity部分

  2.1SS13 R48 SECURITY MARKET INDICES修改内容:考点f的selected market anomalies改成了market anomalies;考点g关于behavioral finance的内容都改了;2.2SS14 R50 INTRODUCTION TO INDUSTRY AND COMPANY ANALYSIS 修改内容:考点d的句子语序有所改变,考点g将return on capital改成了price competition,考点h删掉了一小点:describe product models;2.3SS14 R51 EQUITY VALUATION: CONCEPTS AND BASIC TOOLS 修改内容:考点f将identify companies改成了identify characteristics of companies,g将后半句改成了how the price to earnings multiple relates to fundamentals, and the use of multiples based on comparables;3Fixed Income 部分

  3.1SS15 R53 FIXED-INCOME MARKETS: ISSUANCE, TRADING, AND FUNDING原考点e拆分成了新考点的e&f, 考点i的后半句从their importance to investors who borrow short term改成了the risks associated with them;3.2SS15 R55 INTRODUCTION TO ASSET-BACKED SECURITIES考点e新增了including mortgage pass-through securities and collateralized mortgage obligations,考点h&i将credit risk都改成了risks;3.3SS16 R57 FUNDAMENTALS OF CREDIT ANALYSIS 修改内容:考点f将components改为具体的four Cs (Capacity, Collateral, Covenants, and Character); 考点j将之前的municipal debt issuers and issues改成了non-sovereign government debt issuers and issues.

  4.Alternative Investments部分 R 61 INTRODUCTION TO ALTERNATIVE INVESTMENTS 修改内容:考点d&f都添加了describe infrastructure


  1Financial Reporting and Analysis部分 SS9 R30 LONG-LIVED ASSETS, 15版参考书为Income Taxes International Financial Statement Analysis, by Thomas R. Robinson, CFA, Jan Hendrik van Greuning, CFA, Elaine Henry, CFA, and Michael A. Broihahn, CFA; 16年新版改为By Elbie Louw, CFA,CIPM, and Michael A. Broilhahn, CPA,CIA,CFA2Portfolio Management部分 SS12 R42 RISK MANAGEMENT: AN INTRODUCTION, 新增了一本参考书, Risk Management: An Introduction by Don M. Chance, PhD, CFA, and Michael E. Edleson, PhD, CFA




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