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How to Pass ACCA exams? Please follow these important tips from the ACCA exam markers and ACCA tutors below。(These tips do not apply to multiple choice question papers F1, F2 & F3)

1. Attempt every question
Attempt every part of every question (attempt does not mean finish – even just copying a relevant formula from the formula sheet will get a mark and could make the difference between 49 and 50)

2. Help the marker – start each new question on a new sheet of paper
Start each part of a question on a new sheet of paper. If you can only write one line for part (a) of a question, leave the rest of the page blank – you might think of something else later to add.

3. Be neat
Help the marker – be neat! You will get marks for the correct approach even if your calculations are wrong – provided the marker can see what you have done.

4. Never write nothing!
Always write something for a written part – never write nothing! Anything sensible will almost certainly get you 1 mark, which could be the difference between passing and failing. There is no negative marking, and so even if you are wrong you will not lose marks.

5. Allocate your time – between questions and parts of questions.
Spending an hour on one part of one question will certainly mean you will fail because you will not have enough time for other questions.

6. Don’t spend too long on one figure
In a calculation question, no one figure can be worth more than 3 or 4 marks (if it is it will be a separate part of the question). If you find yourself spending too long on one figure then leave it – there will be plenty more marks available in the same time.

7. Help the marker
Help the marker – in essay parts of questions put each separate point on a new line. If you string points one after the other, there is the danger of the marker missing some of them. Do make each point into a sentence – never write one-word answers.

8. Read the requirements first
Read the requirements first – do not start worrying about the figures in the body of the question until you know what it is you are trying to do!

9. Remember the pass mark is 50%
Aim to get 50% on every part of every question as fast as you can by going for the easy bits first. Once you feel you have got half the marks then you can spend more time on the harder bits.

10. Allocate your time and attempt every part of every question.
Allocate your time and attempt every part of every question!


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