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1、X fails to perform their obligation and Y seeks to exercise the right of mortgage.
Which of the following ways, in relation to the various ways for dealing with the mortgaged property, is NOT permissible by the law?
A The mortgaged property may be converted by auction
B The mortgaged property may be converted by being sold off
C Parties may agree upon the means of realising the mortgage right
D Parties may agree that the mortgaged property be used for offsetting the debts as per its value in the mortgage agreement
(2 marks)

2、Which of the following is allowed to be mortgaged under the Property Law?
A Fund units and stock rights
B The right to use construction land
C Intellectual property
D Receivables
(2 marks)

3、Which of the following statements about labour contracts is correct?
A All labour contracts shall include a probation clause
B The probation period in any labour contract shall not be shorter than three months
C An employer may dissolve the labour contract during the period of probation
D The probation period in any labour contract shall not exceed 12 months
(2 marks)

4、Which of the following statements in relation to a non-fixed term labour contract is correct?
A It may not be dissolved by an employer under any circumstances
B It shall be concluded where an employee has worked for the employer for a term of at least five years
C It is a labour contract in which the employer and employee have agreed not to stipulate a definite end date
D It may not be dissolved by an employee within ten years after the conclusion of such a labour contract
(2 marks)

5、Under which of the following circumstances may employees dissolve a labour contract?
A The employer is declared bankrupt
B The business licence of the employer has been revoked by the government
C The employer is ordered to close its business by a competent court
D The employer fails to provide labour protection or working conditions specified in the labour contract
(2 marks)

6、Under which of the following circumstances can an offer be withdrawn by the offeror?
A The offer has not reached the offeree
B The offer indicated a fixed time-limit for acceptance, which has passed
C The offeree has replied to the offeror
(1 mark)

7、Which of the following statements about the effect of a contract is correct?
A A sales contract is subject to approval before it comes into effect
B A contract becomes effective upon its formation, unless otherwise provided by law
C The parties to a contract are not allowed to agree that its effect is subject to certain conditions
(1 mark)

8、In order to claim the demur right of advance performance, some conditions must be met.
Which of the following is NOT a condition for claiming the demur right?
A Both parties must owe obligations towards each other
B There must be an order of performance
C The party who claims this right must at first suspend its performance
(1 mark)

9、Which of the following statements about damages is correct?
A The nature of damages is punitive and compensatory
B Damages include compensation for material damage and expected profit
C The nature of damages is compensatory only for material damage
(1 mark)

10、Appliance Co sent a fax to a department store, intending to enter into a sales contract for television (TV) sets.
Which of the following can be considered to be an offer?
A 50 TV sets at a price of RMB 3,000 yuan each, please confirm within three days
B 50 TV sets at a price of RMB 3,000 yuan each, please confirm but subject to our final decision
C TV sets at a price of RMB 3,000 yuan each are available
D 50 TV sets are available at a very attractive price, immediate delivery
(2 marks)






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