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学习是一门艺术,只要找到学习的技巧,才可能在最短的时间内达到高效的备考效果,而备考ACCA也是这样。相信大家在学习中也都遇到过这样的人,似乎没有都没怎么学习,但一到考试的时候成绩好的不得了。小编以前都很纳闷他们长的是什么脑子,后来明白了,如果我们在学习中找到好的技巧,也可以很“轻松”的就能取得好的成绩哦。所以在备考ACCA的过程中,你还在死机课本吗?快抛弃你那不正确的备考方式吧,跟小编一起在看了教材后,练习一下ACCA考试真题,相信你会有意想不到的收获哦。 2015年ACCA考试讲义+大纲+真题免费获取》》  

1. Which TWO of the following are used to distinguish between terms and representation?  
A. The timing of the statement  
B. The importance that the buyer attached to the statement 
C. Whether the buyer had any specialist knowledge  
D. Whether the statement was added to a later written agreement   

2. A judge is hearing a case which involves the interpretation of legislation that was enacted before the Human Rights Act 1998(HRA 1998)was passed .There is a previous interpretation of this legislation but that interpretation is now incompatible with the HRA1998.Which action should the judge take? 

A. Declare the old legislation invalid 
B. Follow the previous interpretation 
C. Refer the matter to the Supreme Court  
D. Create a new interpretation that is compatible with HRA1998   

3. Which of the following in relation to the creditor of an ordinary partnership is true? 

A. They can sue one partner and if there is still money outstanding, they can sue the  other partners for the remainder  
B. They must sue one partner only for the whole debt 
C. They must sue all partners for an equal share of the debt  
D. They can only sue the partner who entered into the contract on behalf of the 2 partnership   

4. What is the liability of the members in a limited liability partnership for the  partnership’s debts?  

A. All the members are jointly liability to creditors for partnership debts  
B. The members’ liability is limited to the amount of capacity they have invested 
C. At least one member has unlimited liability to creditors for partnership debts   

5. Which of the following is able to convert to a public company? 

A. A private company with share capital of £50000 
B. A company limited by guarantee 
C. An unlimited company 








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