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1.  In a tall organization structure managers normally have a wide span of control within a short scalar chain. Is this statement true or false    
A.  true    B.  false   

2. Mario owned 80% of the voting shares in a football club but has little interest in football or in the  operation of the club. Which of the categories identified in Mendelow?s stakeholder model is relevant to the directors in their dealings with Mario?    
A.  keep informed    B.  minimal        C.  satisfy   

3. Which type of unemployment arises from a permanent reduction in demand for the products supplied  by single industry or group of industries with large workforces ?    
A.  frictional unemployment    B.  structural unemployment    C. seasonal unemployment   

4. Which of the following would normally fall within the overall responsibility of the management  accounting function in a large organization.     
A.  budgetary planning    B.  corporate finance     C.  administration of board committees    

5. Raj is highly committed to the tasks undertaken by his team. He is good at getting others to act but his  behavior can be aggressive and insensitive. According to Belbin?s team roles theory, Raj is best described ad which of the following?    
A.  team worker    B.  monitor-evaluator    C.  shaper      

6. According to Maslow?s hierarchy of needs theory, which set of needs is addressed immediately after  the individual satisfied his or her safety and security need?  
A.  social and belonging need  B.  self-esteem needs   C.  self-actualization   

7. According to research by Frederick Herzberg, which of the following is primary a motivator and not a  hygiene factor?    
A. working condition     B.  pay and fringe benefits    C.  recognition   

8. Which of the following sets out the title and the primary, secondary and occasional duties of an  employee?    A. person specification    B.  job description    

9. Sam has report a potential health and safety danger to his manager. Which type of communication is  this an example?    
A.  vertical communication    B.  horizontal communication     C.  diagonal communication  

10. Which of the following leadership style is normally preferred by employees according to the Ashrige  leadership model?    
A. persuasive   B.  autocratic    C.  consultative    1








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