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ACCA F8 2016年3月真题详解

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【编者按】ACCA F8 2016年3月真题详解,2016年ACCA考试真题,2016年ACCA备考已经开始,今天特别为广大考生整理了金程教育会计培训ACCA优秀学员撰写的攻破F5论述题方法,希望对大家能有帮助!

ACCA F8 2016年3月真题详解,2016年ACCA考试真题,2016年ACCA备考已经开始,今天特别为广大考生整理了金程教育会计培训ACCA优秀学员撰写的攻破F5论述题方法,希望对大家能有帮助!

Which of the following should be included in the overall audit strategy document?

(1)Economic factors and industry conditions affecting the company

(2)The nature, timing and extent of audit procedures

(3)Management's responsibility for the financial statements

(4)Determination of materiality in line with the ISAs

A、1,2 and 4

B、3 and 4

C、1 and 4 only

D、2 and 3



本题涉及的一个key point是关于ISA 300 Planning an Audit of Financial Statements中要求掌握的“the specific information and planning documents”。

关于Audit Planning,考生需要了解到的知识如下:

(1)Candidates are advised to understand the specific information and planning documents that ISA 300 Planning an Audit of Financial Statements requires the auditor to produce in the planning stage of the audit. The audit strategy document contains the general information relating to planning the audit such as the financial reporting framework, industry specific reporting requirements and materiality considerations. The audit strategy document then guides the development of the audit plan; a much more detailed document that includes specific guidance on, for example, timetables, staff allocations and audit procedures.


devote appropriate attention to important areas;

identify potential problems and resolve on a timely basis;

organise and manage the engagement in an effective and efficient way; and

assist in assigning appropriate staff to the audit, directing and supervising them then finally reviewing their work.

(3)The documentation of the audit plan must be sufficient to demonstrate the planned nature, timing and extent of:

the risk assessment procedures;

the audit procedures (e.g. tests of controls, substantive tests, analytical review procedures, going concern, review and completion) to be carried out on each material class of transaction, account balance and disclosures in response to the assessed risks; and

the planning procedures themselves.

Standard, pre-printed audit programmes and audit completion checklists are often used. However, such programmes and checklists must be tailored to each client's circumstances.


(1) and (4) would be found in the audit strategy document as assessing the economic factors and industry conditions and also determining materiality are part of establishing the overall audit strategy.

(2) The detail of the audit procedures for each material class of transactions, account balance or disclosure would be included in the audit plan

(3) Confirmation of management's responsibility for the financial statements is contained in the letter of engagement.

Therefore the correct answer is C (1 and 4 only)

Future candidates should therefore understand the specific information included in both the audit strategy and the audit plan documents, as well as the matters included in an engagement letter.







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