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2016年9月ACCA考试报名开始时间:9 February 2016

2016年9月ACCA考试提前报名截止日期:16 May 2016

2016年9月ACCA考试正常报名截止日期:1 August 2016

2016年9月ACCA考试最迟报名截止日期:8 August 2016

2016年9月ACCA考试时间:5-9 September 2016

2016年9月ACCA考试成绩发布:17 October 2016



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This is an opportunity for you to think about how you use the new sessions – for example, some students say they will use the additional flexibility to take resits faster or to spread exams over the sessions, focusing on one exam at a time.

What is clear is that students will use the new sessions to maximise their chances of success in the exams. The September 2015 session is therefore an ideal opportunity for students in these Phase 1 markets to test some of their ideas for potential usage of the additional sessions.

If you are entering for the September 2015 session you will also be able to register for December exams, to ensure you can plan ahead and benefit from the added flexibility. To help in your planning, key dates for your diaries are as follows:

Results from June 2015 exams will be issued one week early on 1 August 2015

As September is a pilot, exam entry for the session will be different from our normal process and will open on 6 July and close on 10 August, to ensure those waiting on their June results can enter

Exams for the September session will start on Monday 7 September. The timetable can be accessed here

Results will be issued in October. December's exam entry period will be extended to ensure that those taking exams in September can also register for December exams.

As we start to offer our new sessions in 2015/2016 we will be changing our exam entry and results issuing dates, to enable you to enter for the sessions that best support them and their chance of success. We will publish more information on this next year to ensure that you are fully prepared for the new September session and any changes to the exam process.

All main papers and the larger volume variants for Papers F5–F9 and the Professional Level will be available in the September 2015 session and throughout the four exam sessions in 2016, while lower volume papers will continue to be offered only in the June and December sessions. See 'Related documents' for more information on low volume papers.

A further benefit is that all ACCA exams will be offered in one week (a reduction from the current eight days), to allow for the earlier issuing of results. As we move into 2016 and the four exam sessions, results will be issued five weeks after the end of the exams, which is a reduction on our current timescale.







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